Herunga Island in Hinako Islands, West Nias Regency - Indonesia

An exotic vacation always includes tropical islands, for sure. In this case, tourists should consider visiting Hinako Island in West Nias Regency. Consisting of about 8 beautiful islands, it is a perfect destination to get rid of stresses and enjoy some fun activities like fishing and surfing. Here is the important information. Herunga is chosen as the best spot when it comes to surfing, as compared to other islands of Hinako Islands. No wonder, it is more popular among foreigners than the others. These people come to the island to enjoy the prime tourist activity, which is surfing, after all.

The Nuance
Like other islands in Hinako Islands, Herunga features a stunning beach with its white sand and a formation of coconut trees. Still, the best charm of the island is the sea, where big waves occur. The rolls of the waves would amaze any tourists who come to the island for sure. During holidays or weekends, more tourists are seen on the island including locals and foreigners. They have one thing in common, which is to conquer those waves. Even though no facilities are available in Herunga, tourists keep coming as they are interested in such grandiose waves.

Exploring Herunga Island
Herunga is one of the best islands in Hinako Islands where tourists can enjoy surfing. It is because the waves are bigger than the others! Also, all tourists are allowed to get in the sea and enjoy surfing regardless of their experience. Even so, there are several considerations to think about before doing it. For example, do not do it alone! It doesn’t matter how good you are. Surfing is a risky water sport, so it is better to do it with friends or even an instructor. This way, it helps you to prevent injuries or other unwanted issues.

The big waves and gusty wind of the sea make Herunga Island attractive to everyone, especially for surfers. Before getting in the water, make sure to prepare the right surfing board (the big one). It provides both grip and durability, after all. Small boards are also good to use, but these are only suitable for experienced surfers. Just think about those big waves. Are you ready to use the short or big one?

Even though Herunga Island is surrounded by big waves, some parts come with a calmer surge. These locations are good for beginners or those who are not ready for the big ones. As an alternative, tourists should consider doing it in a group or with a trained surfer. This might reduce the risk of getting injured during the activity, after all. The service is available in Sirombu Sub-District or tourists can call the tour agency beforehand in order to provide such instructor to them.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bawa Island
  • Sirombu Beach
  • Langu Island
  • Bogi Island
  • Hamatula Island

How to Get There
From Gido City, a trip to West Nias Regency (Hinako Archipelago) takes much time. First, tourists should visit Sirombu Port in order to get a boat before heading to Hinako Islands. This costs them approximately 3 hours. Once they get the boat, the next trip heads to Herunga Island right away.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Asu Resort
  • Ina Silvi Resort

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