Langu Island in Hinako Islands, Nias Regency - Indonesia

One of the reasons to visit Nias Regency is definitely to explore all the small islands that belong to this region. For instance, there is Langu Island of Hinako Islands and the location is in West Nias Islands. What makes it special? For travelers, Langu becomes a perfect site for witnessing either sunrise or sunset. Also, it is suitable for beach walking and a natural exploration. In some cases, Langu can be your choice for getting rid of stress as well. Thanks to the unspoiled nature and pristine atmosphere. No wonder, some people call it as another paradise that tourists can find in Indonesia.

The Nuance
Langu Island owns several natural features, including sloping shoreline, crystal clear blue milky seawater, small waves, coconut trees, bushes, and fishermen’s huts. Not to mention white sandy beach looks stunning on the site with its soft texture. Another important feature is the presence of fishermen’s boats scattering both in the shoreline and the coast. In the horizon, what you can see is only an open sea with its breathtaking view. Plus, the wind feels so refreshing there.

Exploring Langu Island
The best thing to do in Langu Island is to witness the sunset. In fact, according to those who live in West Nias Regency, Langu is considered the best destination when it comes to enjoying the sunset. It is because nature remains unspoiled and no trash is seen on the site. Thus, no wonder, such pristine environment makes the activity more comfortable and meaningful to tourists. Still, some basic considerations are available to get the best experience during the activity. What are they?

For those who want to watch the best view of the sunset in Langu Island, it is important to choose the right time to do it. If your location is a little bit far from the island, it is better to come early before dusk. If not, you may miss the chance to see such natural phenomenon. The next significant aspect is definitely the location. Coming at the right time is useless unless you choose the right spot to witness the sunset. In this case, just head to the west coast of the island. It is where the sun may set, after all. Also, pick the beach where you can find comfy places to sit.

Usually, visitors come to the shoreline in order to watch the sunset in Langu Island. The others may choose other locations, though, including under the trees, gazebos, or others. As long as you feel comfortable, any spot would be good to conduct the activity after all. Another important consideration is related to the weather. In this case, make sure to visit Langu during good weather or in summer. Rain makes it uncomfortable for you to enjoy the sunset, doesn’t it?

Nearby Attractions

  • Bawa Island
  • Sirombu Beach
  • Asu Island
  • Bogi Island
  • Hamatula Island

How to Get There
If you come from Gido City, your first destination should be Sirombu Port in West Nias Regency. This trip takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes, as the distance is 79.9 km. Do not forget to take only Raya Pelud Binaka Street. Once you get to the port, use any boat service and head to Hinako Islands. Later, you may continue the trip and head to Langu Island.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Asu Resort
  • Sozinhos Surf Lodge
  • Ina Silvi Cottage

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