Nusa Lima Beach in Gunungsitoli Idanoi Sub-District, Nias Regency - Indonesia

It is true many references of beaches are available in Nias Regency. If you are looking one, Nusa Lima Beach becomes a good choice. The location is in Foa Village and it belongs to Gunungsitoli Idanoi Sub-District. This tourist destination is suitable for those who love beach walking and enjoying a serene nuance of the coast, after all. Another reason to come to the site is to spend a good time with friends or families, including enjoying seafood and sightseeing together. Some people also come to Nusa Lima to satisfy their hobby, actually, which is photography.

The Nuance
Thanks to the presence of a signpost of the location that you can find in Foa Village. That means reaching the beach would be effortless and efficient, which is approximately 500 meters apart from the village. On top of that, the locals have built a comfy route to head to the location (even motorcycles can pass through it). The beach features light brown milky sand on the coast and lush coconut trees in the back. The next famous feature is the waves, which are considered moderate. Swimming is allowed, especially for those with skills.

Exploring Nusa Lima Beach
The most noticeable feature of Nusa Lima Beach is the formation of “Saung” (gazebos), scattered near to the shoreline. Recently, you can find 36 gazebos and a small hall there. Not to mention the beach provides you with a place for worshiping or small mosque. With these facilities, spending hours on the beach would be quite recommended. It is as simple as enjoying the sea scenery from the gazebos and chat with friends there. Later, you can use the Karaoke facility and sing the favorite songs, surrounded by the romantic nuance of the beach.

The best time to visit Nusa Lima Beach is during the annual volleyball competition done by the locals. The government uses the competition not only for the local’s entertainment, but they also use it to lure more tourists to visit the beach. As for tourists, it is allowed to watch the games and take some pictures during the play. If you do not like crowded situation, you can simply head to nearby trees and hear the song of the birds and feel the gusty wind of the cost. What a peaceful nuance!

Before heading back to the hotel, it is better to try some foods provided by the waiters who work on the gazebos. Somehow, some of those “Saungs” are meant to be an eating place, so tourists can enjoy some delicious foods like grilled Gurame and other types of seafood. Do not forget to order the local ice tea or “es teh” there! Here is an important part. In order to enter Nusa Lima Beach, tourists do not need to pay the ticket fee. It is free!

Nearby Attractions

  • Nias Heritage Museum
  • Humogo Waterfall
  • Baho Ndra Waterfall

How to Get There
Nusa Lima Beach is located in Foa Village, Idanoi Sub-District. If you come from Gunungsitoli City, the trip takes only 40 minutes as the distance is 17.9 km. It is even faster if you come from Binaka Airport!

Where to Stay

  • Mega Nasional Hotel
  • Soliga Hotel
  • Sthree Hotel
  • Ocean Hotel Olayama Hotel
  • Binaka II Hotel

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