Hilialawa Mejaya Village in Toma Sub-District, Nias Regency - Indonesia

There is the next reference of unique villages in Nias Regency called Hilialawa Mejaya. It is located in Toma Sub-District and belongs to South Nias Regency, Indonesia. The unique thing is that the village has an interesting history related to the local kingdom. No wonder, many tourists often visit the site to learn both the culture and history. Also, they are interested in the daily routines done by the locals. A vacation to Hilialawa, somehow, gives an opportunity to tourists to get closer to villagers and learn a few Nias’ traditions.

The Nuance
The most noticeable thing in Hilialawa Village is its pristine nature. The site features lush trees, a small forest, and an unspoiled river! There is also a simple bridge located near to river where tourists can use for sightseeing. Another charm of the site is the presence of a modest society and most of the villagers work as farmers and fishermen. However, some of them work as a breeder, blacksmith, and miner actually. Due to such variety of livelihood, the economic difference seems clear to visitors. When it comes to the nuance, though, the village feels so peaceful and soothing.

Exploring Hilialawa Mejaya Village
Unlike other villages in Nias Regency, tourists won’t find Hombo Batu in Hilialawa Village. Instead, they are able to learn more about the history and norms of the village. For example, the villagers apply strict rules regarding things they should not do. Those who break the rules would be penalized with “nikhau” or formal sanctions. The punishment is given by the leader of the villages or “Si’ulu”. In order to learn more about the norms of the locals, tourists can ask the local tour guide or villagers who can speak a foreign language (English).

The next noticeable thing regarding the village is the income or social gap. It is because the locals own a different type of livelihood. Despite the difference, the people would work together in order to achieve the common goals. No wonder, they are quite open to each other even to tourists. This also explains why visitors can approach them easily despite the difference of culture and language. Still, hiring a tour guide is recommended for the sake of smooth communication.

For those coming to Hilialawa Mejaya Village should not forget to learn the history of it. According to the locals, two hunters looked for a place for living. They found a forest and divided into two regions, which became the beginning of the formation of Hilialawa Mejaya Village. For further information, it is better to ask the local guide or conduct an interview with villagers.

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How to Get There
From Gunungsitoli City, travelers can directly head to Toma Sub-District. Later, they need to continue the trip by heading to the main destination, which is Hilialawa Mejaya Village. This whole trip takes about 3 hours and the distance is 116 km. Also, the best route to take is Raya Pelud Binaka.

Where to Stay

  • Keitaro Hotel
  • Yohannes Motel
  • Sem Hotel
  • Toho Nias Hotel

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